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A production house. A creative laboratory. A partner.
We are a production house and we deal with different types of products for many different sectors, maintaining a high professional level and dedicated solutions.
We analyze each case within its sector and target audience to create a winning proposal for the client, working on an idea or storyboard that can best adapt to the project and the brand.
A key role has the planning for the realization of the various phases, in which we will make you participate in order to follow the evolution step by step, up to the final realization and delivery of the finished material and in the formats requested by you, or according to the channel of fruition chosen, Web, TV, Radio, Smartphone or Tablet.

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Corporate Videos, Institutional Videos, Internal Training, Industrial Videos, E-Learning, Video Tutorials, Video Interviews, Event Backstage, Trailer, Documentaries, Commercials ...



Voice Over, Dubbing, E-Learning, Audio guides, Podcast, ADV, Voice Over for Spot TV, Radio & Web, Documentaries, Answering machine, IVR, Messaging for Switchboards ...



Static Graphics and Animation, Infographics, Illustration, Logo Design, Corporate Coordination, Vector Graphics, 3D Motion Graphics, Advertising Graphics, Product Graphics, Events Graphics ...



Storyboard Creation, Script, Animated Graphics, Games and Training Tests, Scorm Packages for LMS, Video Courses, Teaching, Internal Training, External Training ...



Audio Recordings, Voice Recording, Mixing, Sound Editing, Sound Design, Audio Post-Production, Audio Restoration, Direct Recordings, Music Compositions, Jingles ...



Web and Mobile Applications, Websites, IT Applications and Platforms, Embedded Microprocessor Systems, Cloud Solutions, Cyber Security ...

Some of the sectors in which we work

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We develop projects in partnership with our customers, and we immerse ourselves in their brand idea, in order to create ad hoc content for every need.


The video production goes from the care in the pre-production phase, to the storytelling, from the right cut of the shots to the editing rhythm, up to a cinematographic color correction with which we will make your story and your story exciting and effective. To date, video is the best communication tool, both as a means of presentation, as for staff training, or for the launch of a new product.
In institutional or creative form, we will present your company highlighting its strengths, mood, company philosophy, and corporate identity.
We will show the production processes and phases, we will work with you for the realization of video interviews for internal or external communication, as well as for advertising and tutorials, we will highlight your company with greater clarity.
We move in the advertising field according to the distribution channels such as web, social, radio and television to create a curated, special and effective story.
Whether it is communication, education, publishing or entertainment products, we can help you in your personal or business growth.
Daremo il ritmo giusto al vostro prodotto per il vostro pubblico.
Our speakers and voice actors are all professionals working in dubbing and advertising. This is because to understand the meaning of a document and convey real feelings and emotions, it takes study and skill.
We know that the choice of the right voice, within a production, is fundamental, through infinite possibilities and types of voice: it can excite, seduce, convey happiness or wisdom ... and for this reason that, once the goal is focused, we can directly offer you a range of right voices that specifically adhere to your project.
We work closely only with native-speaking professionals, and you will have a vast catalog of international languages, including Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.
Do you already have clear ideas or a precise reference of an item? We can offer you the closest stamp we have in the catalog. Fast, practical and easy!



Aimed at keeping the user's attention alive and making even the most complex topics more explanatory and simple, thanks to our team of graphic designers, illustrators and animators, we can create static graphics and animated graphics of different types and with different processes, depending on the purpose of the product.
With Motion Graphics we create animations, animated infographics and other elements that reflect your taste and style, making any topic more engaging and effective.
With 3D motion graphics we use a wide range of techniques, from simple animations to complex particle simulations, to help you better share your message.
Whether the need is to technically explain an organic process in the medical or biological field, or a mechanical process in the industrial, architectural or engineering field.
If, on the other hand, the purpose is artistic, the only limit is the imagination.
Digital training is a broad sector consisting of several phases.
The development of the e-learning training path starts with us from the analysis of your objectives and targets, through the design of the content storyboard, up to the complete creation of standard formats, for example the SCORM packages, which you can insert inside of your reference LMS platform.
Our e-learning course service will accompany you in staff training in the most varied topics: from internal procedures, to product updates or new technologies, up to safety and privacy regulations, measuring the user's degree of learning through tests and games.
We can carry out a phase of the journey or the whole journey effectively according to your needs, always customizing and enhancing your content.
Design your e-learning training course with us.



We can provide you with all the necessary support in the field of professional audio, and follow you from recording, editing to mixing for each specific platform (Web / YouTube / Spotify / Television / Radio).
Strong also in the field of audio post-production, to complete the product, we are able to bring back to life audio that is damaged or difficult to hear, or of recordings already made in adverse conditions that report problems such as distant voices, whistles, fans, hiss of various kinds. and more.
We also create ad hoc sound designs, developing sound effects with music and dialogues for animated logos, films, documentaries, video trailers and advertisements.
We work in various fields, from corporate to artistic and multimedia contexts, from museum settings to sound installations for fashion shows, theater, and events.
We also follow you in external productions for live audio recordings.
We offer IT services and customized solutions with a high professional profile, for both the consumer and business world.
From the creation of web solutions and mobile applications with the use of different technologies, to the development of IT platforms for the integration of new devices, managing the entire production process.
We also develop microprocessor embedded systems for data processing, capable of managing all the required features.
Our proposal also comes in the field of Cyber Security where we have experience and knowledge to guarantee you maximum IT security.
If necessary, we integrate with your development team to put our knowledge at your service, and offer you the best possible solutions.
We are your strategic technological partner!


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Based in Milan, we physically move throughout Italy for different types of jobs, as well as collaborating digitally with many companies in different sectors, even abroad.


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